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A pathway to great jobs and successful businesses

Here at impact aim we provide free support for learning providers to help apprentices develop the essential life skills so they are…

‘Ready for Work’

The Benefits of the Impact AIM programme


  • Our programme is mapped to the outstanding grade descriptors for Ofsted’s Common Inspection Framework for Behaviours, Attitudes and Personal Development.
  • It includes all teaching, learning and assessment with no marking by the tutor or mentor.
  • IMPACT can be delivered entirely through online tutorials or enrichment programmes .
  • No additional staffing or timetabling needed.
  • Counts for up 6 hours per week ‘off the job training
  • Written by Industry experts specifically to meet the needs of apprentices in today’s fast changing..

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Impact AiM Programme Progression Pathways


Impact AiM is designed to offer a progressive performance development pathway to employers and employees week by week. Our curricula provide a simple solution to Off the Job training hours and Ofsted Regulatory requirements – more importantly they enable apprentices to develop Self-Awareness and Personal skills that provide them with the life skills required to succeed in the workplace and help grow your business.


Impact Aim ‘Free Resource’ programme

Training Provider / Employer registers Apprentice on to Impact Aim ‘Free Resource’ programme. Apprentices and Mentor receive two communications weekly via the Impact AiM platform

The Impact AiM Free Resource Pack inc Duration 12 weeks
  1. A 1hour learning module with online assessment and feedback
  2. The Impact AiM ‘Work Out’ plan a series of online 1-hour personal development sessions linked to the learning modules

Total Off the Job training hours 2 per week = 24 hours


Impact Aim ‘Work Out’ CPD Subscription

The Impact Aim Performance in Mind Development Certificate duration 12 -24 weeks
  1. Extended Social Skills in a Digital World learning modules with full online assessment and learning resources that lead to the Impact Certificate in ‘Social Skills in A Digital World’
  2. Individual AiM ‘Performance in Mind’ development programme this provides a weekly mind ‘Work Out’ session with learning and resources and Mentor support plus (optional training and qualification for Apprenticeship Mentors/Supervisors/Line Managers)

This will also be available as a Regulated Level 3-4 Qualification in 2021.

Total off the job training hours Step 1 24,Step 2 48 = 72 hours.


Impact AiM ‘All-In’

Training providers and employers subscribe to our All-In service which provides high level support and Guidance on the ever-changing world of Apprenticeship standards, inc:

In addition to access to the Free Resource Pack, subscribers receive

  • Monthly Live Webinar sessions delivered by recognised Apprenticeship leaders
  • 25% discount on the AiM CPD Subscription service
  • 3 Free Mentoring Training programmes
  • 1 Thomas International High-Performance Training Leadership personal profile assessment including detailed 1 to 1 feedback.
  • Discounts on a range of linked Impact AiM training programmes.

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